Evomaya emphasizes on action. Evomaya does what has been its experience for 10 years, and quicky offers solutions for its clients. Evomaya does not try to convince with thick proposals, and sophisticated theories. But on action that has been proven effective. It's all about action.


Evomaya starts online since March 10, 2008. But the experience in website and multimedia has start since 2003. Since then, Evomaya constantly working on websites and touchscreen e-kiosks without any marketing effort. It's because we have been referenced by partners and satisfied clients.


Evomaya will continue to focus on online business that keeps going competitive and dream to bring forward small and medium business with the principle "pay as you grow". Evomaya offers solutions suitable for any business sizes and needs.


Evomaya has good relationships with digital artists. Evomaya is happy to work with designers by transforming their works from PSD to dynamic and interactive websites. Evomaya welcomes designers who wants to do projects together.