Q: What is the estimated time to finish a website?

A: Most of the time is spent on meetings, design approvals, revisions, etc. The time varies for every project but most are about 1 month.


Q: What should be prepared to make the process faster?

A: The most important thing is you need to be clear about the sitemap. What are the menus in your website. How deep is the product category for your product? Is there any shopping cart? We estimate the quotation using those information. After that, you can prepare your content while we make your website.


Q: Can you do online transaction? Credit card?

A: Yes, but not directly to the bank. We partner with DOKU and Veritrans for Indonesian client to provide that solution to you. We can also use Paypal if you want to receive the payment in your Paypal account. For New Zealand client we use Payment Express by DPS.


Q: This is first time and we have a tight budget. Should we try?

A: Yes! That's what we are trying to achieve. We are trying to make every small and medium business online. Contact us now, tell us what's your need and your budget.

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